How can I be sensible of shopping in Westfield Shopping centre?

Cinema, Food courts and various kinds of shops are all contained in Westfield shopping mall. I was required to pay a visit to there last week with my CTS classmates. I’m totally impressed by how convenience of the complex services they provide in there which we called Westfield shopping mall as hybrid consumption. Hybrid consumption is the form of  consumption associated with different institutional res become interlocked with each other and increasingly difficult to distinguish (Bryman, 2014).


Figure 1. Free charge box with all kinds of USB to fulfil customers’ needs. (2017)

Your basic needs can all be solved in the Westfield shopping mall. For example, you can eat in Byron if you want to have burgers, you can buy various types of clothes to fulfil your fashion desires, or you can even recharge your smartphones by their recharging cabinet when your phone’s battery goes very low.The master principle of hybrid consumption is getting people to stay longer (Bryman, 2014).  You can’t find an excuse to leave this wonderful place when it can satisfy most of your needs during the time you stay there.


Figure 2. second floor of the food courts. (2017)

However, shopping mall is like a maze to confuse us as well.  No clocks; no windows; lots of daylight; spaces that are clear enough to navigate, but complicated enough to keep shoppers from getting bored(Adamson, 2009). During the day I visit, I barely could sense I had been walking for 2 hours with my friends already. The design of the shopping mall is very tricky. They installed a stylish glass on the top of the mall that makes you believe the weather is always good. Moreover, temptation of buying is everywhere in the mall because you can clearly see great deal of shops in every corner. If you look back at the Westfield drawing, you’ll see that there are ovals cut into the walkways. These allow you to see down to the ground floor, getting glimpses of other stores (Adamson, 2009). We had a difficult time of choosing the place for lunch as we saw all of the restaurants at the specific location and we wanted to try all of them.

After the day trip of visiting Westfield Shopping centre, I unintentionally spent money on clothes and foods.The only solution of being sensible in such a place with million temptations is set an alarm to yourself and keep your eyes close to your watch.



Reference list:

1.) Bryman, A. (2004). ˜Theœ Disneyization of society. 1st ed. London ˜[u.a.]œ: SAGE.

2.) Adamson, G. (2009). If you build it, will they shop?. [online] Blog. Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2017].


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